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Vladimir Egorov


Strength and Conditioning Coach

"Unlocking The Ice Hockey Off- Season"

Vladimir : "Key-components for me when it comes to training and rehab/treatment in general is to have some solid principles to stand on. Quality of movement is one principle. There is a big difference between talking about quality of movement and positions, and actually executing them. It has many different layers and in itself is a great progression, regression and variability tool, with built-in injury reduction properties."

Vladimir Egorov is a physiotherapist who specializes in treatment of stubborn injuries and long term athlete development. Currently consulting athletes from all walks of life to LPGA, NHL, ATP, PGA and alpine. Have done several tournaments with Swedish National Hockey Team (Olympic games, World Cup and World Championships - gold medal). Has also done major tennis tournaments with exception of Australian Open. During the summer his work consist of both performance training and rehabilitation/treatment of NHL-players. His main strength is attention to details and ability to see the whole process as a continuum. His main weakness is morning coffee.

Vladimir has been attending seminars almost every month for many years but to mention one:

- Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program at McMaster University.

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