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Welcome to"The Hockey Summit"

No Crap, No Nonsenses, just proven track record for maximising your Hockey Performance

The Worlds 1st Facebook LIVE Ice Hockey Performance Summit is meant for players and coached, alike, who want to make the most of their Summer and Pre-Season training. The 1st Summit will have experts from different walks of Hockey Performance:

- we have an up and coming goalie coach from Finland

- we have a true human speed and power experts

- we have a NHL chiropractor

- we have a Sports Nutritionist

- we have a physical therapist and S&C coach who was part of the World Championship gold winning team

- we have a former professional player who now works with some of the best Swedish hockey players


It’s an incredible amount of experience and talent spread over the 6 days in April.                                                                 

All LIVE and FREE OF CHARGE on Sports Chiropractor Martin Kumm Facebook page. For people who don’t have Facebook all the interviews will be viewable HERE

The host

 Martin Kumm

Martin is a Sports Chiropractor and a Performance coach focusing on Ice hockey Off-Ice Coaching. His curious mind had kept him chasing resecent and most up to date information on human performance. In 2 years Martin has hosted more then 15 Facebook Live interview with different experts over the world.

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The experts

Patrick Saile

"The Basics of Speed and Power Development"

Janne Pekkarinen

"The Finnish Way of Developing Super Goalies"

Andreas Simensen
More Info >

"Unlocking The Secret For High Performing Hips"

Dr. Stuart Yoss
More Info >

"Major Biomechanical Limitations and Causes of Injuries by NHL Players"

Lorne Empson
More Info >

"Nutritional Requirements for Power and Speed Development"

Vladimir Egorov
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"Unlocking The Ice Hockey Off-Season"

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