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Patrick Saile

Athletic Performance Coach (Bobsleigh)

Track and Field Coach (Sprint)

Team Manager Sprint (Bavarian Track and Field Association)

"The Basics of Speed and Power Development"

Patrick describes his approach to sprinting as following:"It's all about achieving high performance accelerations and tremendous Vmax sprints. Which basically means generating the most power in shortest time with that specific individual considering his/her perfect technique in different phases of sprinting"

For his diploma thesis he wrote about different electromyographical (EMG) activation patterns and kinematic characteristics in the track and field sprint start out of the blocks. After graduation Patrick worked 3 years in a biomechanics Lab in Zurich where he was responsible for the 3D-Running Lab.

During this time, he started professional coaching and guided his first athletes to European Championships. Now working in the Olympic center in Munich, he is responsible for about 20 individual sport athletes and managing the Bavarian youth sprinting program.

In 2020 he achieved about 10 national medals with his athletes in track and field (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and bobsleigh (Germany). He is working with the raining European champion and vice world champion in 4 men and 2 men bobsleigh and also with the female world cup winner in 2 women bobsleigh. 



Sport Scientist at Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen (GER)

A Diploma Track and Field (Sprint)

UEFA – A Diploma ongoing

Highest S&C Diploma Swiss Football

Several CrossFit / Weightlifting / Gymnastics certifications

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