Our Mission

In the world of Ice Hockey the mentality often times still is to train as much and hard as possible "the strongest will survive". Truth be told, there are athletes who have the genetic make up to train like that as they are the "genetic freaks", so called "The Wolverines". But they are the minority, roughly speaking 1% of all the players out there. The rest, will end up getting injured and will never play at their maximum potential. 

Since years Martin has been developing his own ways of assessing and coaching his private clients and athletes, alike. This search has lead to understanding that training hard is the easy part, but what is lacking in the current performance world is smart monitoring of the training load athletes experience. Hence Martin has developed a Ice Hockey specific "Off-Ice2Pro" training program with a very simple philosophy "Train Hard, Train Smart".

Our team

Dr.martin kumm

Sports Chiropractor, Performance Coach, BSc, MSc.

After graduating Bachelor of Health and Sciences from Tallinn University, Martins growing interest in human high performance lead him to Master studies in the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in England.

Travelling to countless number of seminars, conferences and discussing matters with the brightest minds in the world the vision of true OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE became evident.

Martin first became involved with Ice Hockey in 2013 when he had a chance to start working with EHC Basel Sharks (Nat B). Since then Martin has held different positions within the club. Since 2019 Martin is also the Head of Medical and Performance for Estonian Men and U20 National Teams.

Since 2018 Martin is working for Martin Kumm Optimal Performance Coaching where he is focusing on "Train Hard, Train Smart" principle. 


  • Health and Sports Sciences, Tallinn University, 2008

  • Master of Chiropractic, Anglo European College College of Chiropractic, 2013

Continuing Education:

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